Neighbors Outreach Worldwide exists to meet the needs of

vulnerable children and adults who are victims of poverty in

Kenya. The emphasis of the ministry is on widows and








Len and Susan Eastwood first came to Kenya in 2008. Susan had felt called to Africa since her first trip to the continent where she spent 10 days in Sierra Leone in 2006. At first Len was just curious to see “what all the fuss was about." On that first trip, Len heard the call to Kenya as well. Over the next several years, they came to Kenya first on a ten day trip, then two weeks, then 3 weeks and then for one full month. The voice of God became louder and clearer. It was time to “sell it all” and become full time missionaries. In  late 2011, Susan resigned from her employer of 20 years and Len began to sell his business. In April 2012 the Eastwoods moved to Kenya to minister full time. While volunteering with other organizations, they were able to focus on what God was asking them to do. They have spent the years learning as much as they can about Kenyan culture and all that comes with being a full time missionary.

The Eastwoods feel called to live in community with the people of Kenya and pray that they will be able to continue to minister to women - especially those who are victims of all kinds of abuse - and continue the Children’s Education and Welfare program that provides for children spiritually,mentally and physically.

The Eastwoods feel very blessed to have a diverse team of volunteers in Kenya and in the US - all with incredible God-given talents that they willingly use in service to those in need in Kenya.

Esther Nderitu -Len and Susan met Esther in 2013. Esther’s husband had threatened to sexually abuse her oldest child - Venus .We took Venus in as one of the last children to enter the children’s education fund and she was sent to boarding school to be safe from this man. Since that time, Esther has worked tirelessly to assist us with our ministry in Kenya in any way that she can. From fitting uniforms to chaperoning field trips, Esther is always ready to help. Esther is a vital link to our community. Esther speaks multiple languages and helps us understand and be understood. When we are in the states, Esther follows up on the children in our program and takes care of daily business.

Perhaps one of her greatest contributions is to the women’s fellowship where she and Susan work together with two women’s groups to share the gospel and to encourage women in a society that largely disregards them.  A victim of spousal abuse herself, she is able to relate to women in similar situations.

Esther is an accomplished artist and makes and sells her products in Kenya as well as the US. She is a true servant with a heart to serve Jesus. In 2016 she purchased land and started the Crossroads Haven ministry. This ministry will provide a place for women to heal from all types of abuse and get counseling and training that allow them to get a job and care for themselves. She and her friends created a Community Based Organization ( CBO) that partners with us to aid people in need in Kenya.

Spencer Cason first came to Kenya in 2016 for three weeks. She was part of a mission intern group with Bailey, Sara Grace, Aubrey and Emily – later to be known as “the big five.” After seeing the Haven being built and Susan and Len’s incredible ministry, she wanted to be committed to serving in Kenya long term. She made the decision to move to Kenya for a longer period of time after graduating college to share her compassion and hospitality at the Emily Martin Rescue Centre.  In April 2018, Spencer became the Chair of the Board of directors of Neighbors Outreach Worldwide.

Bailey Lyle - Vice Chair Board of Directors- more to come...
Peter Mathenge Ndungu and Sarah Ngare
Baba and Mama Chiko
Peter and Sarah have been our friends since 2008. Over the years they have become a vital part of the ministry - especially the children's education fund. The two provide a home for girls in the program who have no family or are in dangerous living situations. When it comes time for families to visit children during the year, we all go. They are pictured here talking to one of the children about their grades. Peter keeps of safe when traveling and handles all our team travel logistics.

Ricky and Geanie Longest live in a small town along the Rapphannock river - Urbanna, Virginia. Missions has been an integral part of Geanie's  life since childhood: Sunbeams,     GA' ( Girls in Action), Acteens, and WMU. Ricky's first mission trip to Costa Rica in the early 90's sparked his passion for missions. God opened a door for them to serve together a few years ago when brainstorming with Susan Eastwood, who is Geanie's  cousin, to develop fundraisers to make her calling a reality. Our hearts and goals became one and they spend much of the fall season with Susan and Len fundraising for NOW, roasting oysters and sharing the joy of Jesus!

What started as a little "maybe we can make some money for the ministry" idea of oyster roasts has turned into our largest source of funding. The fall calendar is FULL each year with oysters roasts. Praise God for partners.  Without them, Neighbors Outreach Worldwide would never be the same.